RedCost Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a Business Technology Partner provides strategic business technology solutions, consultancy and services to the new business leaders across industries to solve their business challenges and enhancing business values.

RedCost accomplishing the industry new business leaders with new source of competitive advantage through leveraging the strategic business technology solutions into their business needs in the current complex environment.

RedCost recognized new business leaders often fail to articulate business needs in away of IT can actually do something with them. Hence, the best practice of partnership (between RedCost and the respective customers) growth together and to prepare the industry new leaders and the organization to succeed in the next decade by :


Business Reassessment & IT Rebalancing
On-going basis of business reassessment and IT rebalancing strategies to best aligned the business priorities.


Global Industry Trends & Movement

Our Slogan

“Your Strategic Business Technology Partner”

We have a vision of being a strategic business technology company, dedicated to providing quality business technology to the business owners across industries to enhance their business values.

Our Mission

  • To be the recognized strategic business technology partner.
  • To be the best company to work for where by employees are treated as part of a big family (cultivation of talents).
  • Create a globally recognized ASEAN brand.
  • To attain the power of business technology for our customers to enhance their business values.
  • Carry the best quality business applications, and deliver high quality of service levels.